‘Health incentives boost productivity’ (Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Survey)

Our Personalised Wellness At Work introductory programme helps you to look after your greatest asset – the health of your team.

Our highly experienced team of therapists have previously worked in industries ranging from modelling to flying in The Royal Air Force, to IT. We therefore know how important it is for you to have a happy, healthy team and using that experience we have put together a range of options, some of which we hope will work

We will come to your workplace at a time which suits your business offering drop in or intro appointment sessions, or educational talks.

Inspiring Health offer various holistic solutions to help reduce stress in the work place. These include massage therapies, counselling, mindfulness, stress management techniques, supervision, Pilates and nutritional therapy. These provide essential tools to enable individuals to actively take responsibility for their general wellbeing on a daily basis.

“Mental wellbeing is a dynamic state in which the individual is able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships with others and contribute to their community” NICE Guidelines

We live in a world of unique novel physical, mental and chemical challenges. Many of which are stressors the body has to deal with, over time it can get overwhelmed and you start to lack energy, gets aches and pains, crave sugar all the time… sound familiar. This is something we can really help with, don’t wait for a crisis to happen!

We want offer you the opportunity to get professional advice on how to minimise these stressors in the work place and at home, in order to help prevent a crisis, combat pain, and get your energy back.

Our skilled team of therapists offer a wide range of treatment options to ensure an individually constructed plan for you and your employees health and wellness.

We want to raise awareness about the fantastic services on offer. So that you and your employees can change your health for the better!

One to One

These sessions are individual 20 minute sessions for your staff to talk to our natural health practitioners. The sessions are pre-arranged with specific time slots agreed with each member of staff. They act as an introduction. You can discuss your symptoms in privacy and in complete confidentiality. We may be able to offer some advice on the day or can advise you on a course of treatment that would be most appropriate.

A Spinal Screen with one of our Osteopaths or Physiotherapist is an introductory assessment and discussion with a musculoskeletal expert. Find out what we might be able to do to help you. If it is appropriate they will offer some exercise advice during this time.

Discuss your nutritional needs or concerns with an expert.

(Also available depending on therapist availability is – acupuncturist, homeopath, womens womb and fertility massage expert, counsellors and psychotherapists.)

£15 TREATMENTS (20 minute sessions)

Relax and unwind with a 20 minute massage (all fully clothed, require prior filling in of medical screening form and signed consent form)

Indian Head Massage – treat yourself to a relaxing head massage and experience the calm that follows.

Neck and Shoulder Massage – Release tension in the muscles and increase circulation around the body.

Reflexology – Enjoy a calming foot massage experience, that helps to clear blockages around the body.


Educational talks

To learn more about health and wellbeing, work / life balance.

60-90 minute talk / group discussion / workshop

Topics we can cover include, but do ask if there is something specific you would like us to cover.

• Healthy Diet Healthy You
• Emotional Wellbeing
• Stress – what is it and how to manage it
• Sleep
• Food and Mood
• Posture and movement at work
• Understanding the messages from your body
• Rewilding at work

Ongoing support

We also do Corporate Wellness Packages that offer ongoing support and regular talks or sessions at the workplace to be tailored and prearranged with you. There are 6 month and yearly packages available which also include discounted rates for treatments at the clinic.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further.


Lily Cumming

Clinic Manager and Osteopath at Inspiring Health

01326 212112