Hayley Barber Bowen Therapist

My journey to becoming a Bowen therapist began with my passion for sport; having sustained several injuries in my younger days, I understand how debilitating and frustrating it can be waiting for the body to heal. I first encountered Bowen when my sister introduced me to it; she was being treated by a therapist for an injury and recommended that I tried it for a minor shoulder problem. I was surprised by the gentle, relaxing nature of the treatment and pleased with the effects. However, it wasn’t until a close friend was struck down with a serious back injury that I understood the true power of Bowen. She’d tried various different therapies to no avail and her second chiropractor felt that his sessions weren’t facilitating any real improvement in her condition and referred her back to her GP for an MRI scan, after which she was put on a waiting list for surgery. As she was in terrible pain, I suggested that she try Bowen; she began to make progress straight away and over time, she improved to such a degree that she returned to her normal life without the need for surgical intervention. Having witnessed first-hand how life changing the therapy can be, I wanted to learn the technique myself so that I could help transform the lives of others.

In the process of studying to become a Bowen therapist with Bowtech, The Bowen Therapy Academy, I became more interested and excited over the results I experienced with my own case studies. The way the gentle moves over the muscles, nerves, fascia, tendons and ligaments help the body relax and promote healing is inspiring. I enjoy investigating how pain felt in one part of the body may originate from another.

Bowen Therapy is a whole body therapy and can be used for many conditions, i.e. back, neck, shoulder pain, tennis/golfers elbow, hamstrings, knee,  kidney, respiratory, headaches, postural and TMJ conditions to name but a few. Suitable for the very young, to the elderly and everyone in between.

Cost £35 for a session  (Sessions one hour)

As the treatment can be applied through light clothing, please consider this when attending appointments. (Please don’t wear heavy materials such as jeans).

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