Mark Bowen Counsellor

I experienced a sporting injury as a teenager which changed the course of my life in a moment. Over time as I sought to meet these new challenges I became aware that my coping strategies were no longer working for me and I began my own therapeutic journey.

Having had a very positive experience of talking therapy I decided to study for my Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling. During my training I worked with clients in various stages of their recovery from substance misuse and since qualifying I have worked primarily with victims of childhood and adult sexual violence.

I have a Diploma in Relational Mindfulness at the Karuna Institute where I am also completing a Masters in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapeutic Practice.

This training emphasises the importance of the therapeutic relationship as the foundation on which the work can be entered into. I believe that human beings are fundamentally relational creatures, we are born out of and into relationships, with the physical world around us and with other human beings. Sometimes these relationships can be positive and sometimes traumatic all of which can lead to an obscuring of the most important relationship-with ourselves.

In a therapeutic context, by bringing gentle awareness to what is happening moment by moment and particularly noticing what is happening in the body and breath, as well as the mind, a space is created in which we can connect to our core of well-being. There is much literature that supports the value of the relationship between therapist and client as foundational in having a positive experience of the therapeutic process and I very much believe this. The value of relationship echoes with my sense that the journey of therapy is one that is entered into jointly by both client and therapist.

What is most important for me as therapist is that we create a safe space in which you the client will be heard non-judgementally and with compassion.

I offer an initial free consultation where we can explore your hopes for the therapy and whether we feel we can work together and thereafter charge £40 for a 60 minute session

+07526 410387