Michele Panszczyk Homeopath

What is Homoeopathy? It is a therapy based upon stimulating the energy levels of the human body. The activity of an individual is manifested primarily on 3 levels. 1. Mental /Spiritual 2. Emotional 3. Physical Homoeopaths appreciate that the fundamental core of human existence - depends on the ability of the organism to keep its dynamic equilibrium with a minimum of disturbance. The defence mechanism is constantly trying to create and maintain this balance. It is not always successful. When this becomes depleted this causes suffering, symptoms or disease. The results of this struggle can be seen upon the mental, emotional & physical level, depending upon the overall state of health at the moment of stress. Homoeopathy seeks to understand disease, by gathering information of your symptoms and finding their match in the form of a remedy. These are produced from highly diluted substances. The remedy works by stimulating your vital force (immune system). Enabling you to return to optimum health. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) studied medicine at the Universities of Leipzig, Vienna & Erlangen qualifying in 1779. He wrote many papers on medicine & chemistry. He is regarded as the Father of Homoeopathy and his pioneering work, forms the foundation from which we now practice. Homoeopathy is suitable for all ages. It is highly effective  treating both chronic and acute first aid ailments. Queen Elizabeth has herself used this form of medicine throughout her life. Personally I first encountered Homoeopathy 25 years ago. Having lost both parents and father-in-law and given birth to our second child all within 18 months. Looking back I was consumed with utter grief and struggling to deal with the polar opposite of death....birth. A friend recommended I visit a Homoeopath. I remember walking in feeling so sad, an emotional cripple and after the first consultation felt relieved and more upright. Homoeopathy is not able to alter your circumstances or wave a magic wand. It helps you to understand yourself on all levels. It gave me relief from the intense grief. I became a stronger individual, which in turn helped me cope with the demands of Motherhood and daily life. Inspired by this form of healing and its attention to detail, I embarked on a 4 year Course at the London School of Classical Homoeopathy, graduating in 2004. Have had the pleasure and privilege of treating patients from 0 to 82 years old with a myriad of health concerns. Each case is unique to the individual. The greatest satisfaction has been observing patients " realise their true potential"- Which is the essence of Homoeopathy. My sons August 27 and Piers 24, grew up being treated with Homoeopathy. It also was wonderful assisting in the repair of  fractures that happened along the way! Please if you are thinking that Homoeopathy may be suitable for you or a member of your family. Or alternatively you are unsure, then do contact me. I shall be delighted to listen and answer your thoughts. Remember all consultations are private and all information confidential. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Michele Panszczyk I go to nature to be soothed & healed And have my senses put in tune once more.

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