Book in now for a luxurious, relaxing and restorative massage treatment.  Choose from forty-five, sixty or ninety minutes (for the full body experience) and prepare for a thorough, deep-as-you-like massage, addressing problem areas if required but overwhelmingly relaxing.  I have practiced soft tissue therapy and sports massage for many years and I bring my experience of anatomy and physiology to this holistic practice, meaning your treatment will be thorough and practiced, leaving you feeling restored, uplifted and (as a recent client commented) “in a blissful place”.

Massage, first documented in prehistoric cave paintings, has long been known to improve circulation, sleep, mood and muscle tone.  For me, the importance of touch therapy in our modern, high speed, often disconnected world cannot be over-emphasised.  Touch is comforting, brings connection and for me, is an essential part of being human, of connecting our energies and calming our nervous systems.  I feel this as much as a therapist as I do when I am the client 😊

My experience in treatment and management of injuries, aches and pains means that should you have an issue which requires further attention I am well placed to refer you to one of our specialists.

Therapeutic massage treatments are available on Mondays at the Hub – 8.30 until 5pm.  Limited remaining availability for March, book in quickly!

To book : email or call/message 07775 586455