We’re offering this wonderful modality at The Wellness Hub now!…This ancient, but newly emerging approach to Health Medicine is an exciting field gaining increasing attention in the world of health. As well as supporting the body’s bioenergetic system, Sound Healing also greatly assists with relaxation….both of these  are key for good health!!

‘I have had many sound healing sessions with Helen, and each time is a truly unique experience. From the moment I step into the lovely space that Helen has created, I feel instantly calm. I always fall into deep relaxation and feel the amazing benefits long after it is finished. I have always loved each and every one’ (Sara)

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and vibration’

(Nicola Tesla)

If you would like to discuss this further with Helen, she will be more than happy to chat with you so do feel free to call her (She’s also one of our resident osteopaths so her details are on the website under Helen Morton / Osteopath)

Helen is also giving a free talk discussing Biophysics and their impact on your health next month…it’ll be titled ‘Sound & Bioelectric You’ so we’ll keep you posted on this too!

Upcoming…Sound healing at the hub on Sunday 30th June if anyone would like to experience a relaxing Sunday session

Sound session Prices:    1 person (1 hour) £40

2 people (1 hour) £60

3 people (1 Hour) £75