Aisling Condon Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Aisling is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist, with a vast amount of experience and huge attention to detail. Since specialising in Connective Tissue Disorders in 2018, working at The London Hypermobility Unit, she found a passion within a passion. Having hypermobility herself, and its commonly associated aches and pains, Aisling's approach as a physiotherapist promotes whole-body health and wellbeing through combining her interests in more widespread chronic pain issues with specific sports injury management and prevention.

Since qualifying as a Physiotherapist in 2009, Aisling has worked in a number of different healthcare settings, both NHS and private. She has provided physio for both amateur and elite sports teams, from local rugby clubs to the World Championships of Surfing world tour event in Hawaii. She has taught both Pilates and Hydrotherapy in community and clinical settings, and also provided domiciliary care in the community.

Aisling has always been a keen sports-person, from competing as a county-level gymnast and athlete in her school years, to being a keen surfer, snowboarder and lover of the outdoors as an adult. These hobbies lend themselves to having increased awareness and understanding of the natural world around you. This called on an inate instinct within Aisling to respect it and protect it, and in doing so, to encourage others to do the same.

Alongside her physiotherapy work, Aisling's passion for protecting the environment and helping to combat the climate crisis lead to her undergoing further education and training. She became a certified Carbon Literacy trainer, providing training for physios and other health professionals on how they can improve their awareness of the climate crisis, our contribution to it both personally and in the healthcare setting, and ways that we can start to reduce those impacts.

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