Georgia Tolley Systematic Kinesiology & Reiki

Hello, my name is Georgia, and I am a Kinesiologist and Reiki practitioner. I have been on a healing journey since my early 20s when I sadly lost a close friend to suicide. This traumatic experience led me on a path of spirituality, connection, and healing to release the pain and find out who I am. For years I held onto the grief and developed coping mechanisms to carry on and live with it. It wasn’t until I found Reiki that I realised how much I was holding onto. I learnt about how everything in this world is energy, including our emotions and that we can connect with these and release. Reiki is a gentle way to release any trapped energy and balance us in a soothing way, it opened me up to the possibilities of transformation and was a turning point in my healing and growth. Towards the end of my Reiki training was when I first heard of Kinesiology, I was intrigued, something about the word resonated with me at a cellular level and after my first treatment I was blown away. Not only could these techniques move energy but could also find the root cause of health issues through muscle testing, no more guessing!

Learning Kinesiology has been a beautiful journey and has allowed me space to heal from past traumas and health conditions in a safe space. I was constantly amazed by what my body was holding onto and feel so much lighter now. I have benefitted from Kinesiology in many ways including curing a dairy intolerance (which I had for 10 years and would cause me agonising pain and sickness if I had even the smallest amount!), menstrual pains/bloating and PMS, Reynard’s syndrome, frequent migraines, confidence/anxiety and not to mention balancing my nervous system from all the grief and shock I was holding onto from losing various people in my life. I am so grateful to have been able to heal these parts of myself when I thought I had tried everything. Your body has all the answers and all the tools to heal itself, Kinesiology is a way to find these answers and allow the healing to take place. I now use it personally for prevention as it can address any imbalances before they turn to symptoms.

Kinesiology – treats the person as a whole and focusses on M.C.P.E (Mental/emotions/spiritual, Chemical/nutritional, Physical and Energetical). From my own experience it can support anything so if you’re wondering if Kinesiology can help you, please get in touch for a free chat! I would love to speak with you. For more information on the techniques used and areas it can support please refer to Systematic Kinesiology page.

Kinesiology first treatment – £70 (1 hour 30 minutes)

First treatment includes an in-depth consultation to look deeply into where you need initial support and how to tailor the follow up treatments to achieve balance within the body. Each treatment is finished with grounding and relaxation.

Follow up treatments are advised, especially if dealing with multiple issues, we each have many layers to us, and we will release things when the time is right, which is different for everyone. I will provide guidance for self-healing to be done between treatments and guide in lifestyle changes to support the sessions.

Kinesiology follow up - £60 (1 hour)

A chance to delve deeper into ongoing problems and listen to the body for how to release these. A chance to assess any changes from the previous session and tailor to your needs.

Usui Reiki - £50 (1 hour)

A soothing massage for the aura, leaving you relaxed and grounded. Energy healing can help with sleep, relaxation, stress relief, balance, accelerating the body’s self-healing and much more.

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel to avoid being charged.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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