Irene Griffin Clinical Essential Oil Therapy, Holistic Essential Oil Massage & AromaReiki


“I approached Irene because I wanted help with my menopause symptoms, as I felt overwhelmed by life most of the time, struggling with real emotional swings, lacking energy with a general feeling of exhaustion and an inability to cope. Since using the oil blend that Irene made me, I feel much clearer in my mind and I feel calmer. Most noticeably my energy levels have improved and I'm now feeling capable of tackling things with a newfound ability to approach things in bite sized chunks. I also use the blend on the scent diffuser in my car and I'm certainly not suffering with road rage nearly as badly and everyone says I smell lovely!” Dee

Clinical Essential Oil Therapy

Irene is a fully qualified Clinical Essential Oil Therapist and member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and is

committed to the profound therapeutic effects of the natural properties found in essential oils. Working exclusively with certified organic essential oils of the highest botanical quality, to help with acute and chronic symptoms, Irene creates bespoke aromatherapeutic treatments tailored specifically to your unique requirements. Clinical essential oil therapy can treat a broad range of physical, mental and emotional conditions including skin, sleep, joint pain, menopause and much more. The use of essential oils in a range of different applications, can be transformative for people who seek natural healing for physical and emotional and imbalances.  Client safe care and wellbeing are paramount; therefore, an in-depth consultation is performed to establish precisely what your health requirements are and ensure there are no contraindications with any current medical treatments or medications. If required, follow-up consultations provide continued longer term support and treatment adaptations in line with your needs.

Holistic Massage Therapy with Essential Oils

Holistic massage therapy treatments are based on Swedish massage techniques and I work with you to select your bespoke blend to offer the most deeply relaxing therapeutic massage. The multiple physical benefits of this sumptuous treatment provides lymphatic drainage, muscle relaxation, enhanced circulation, skin nourishment and relief from aches and pains. The lasting emotional benefits are untold, allowing the mind to release from stress, anxiety and ‘overthinking’.


Reiki is the Japanese word for “Universal Life Energy” and is a gentle, non-invasive therapeutic treatment which allows the immune system to reboot and strengthen - reducing pain and accelerating wound healing. AromaReiki combines the gentle, releasing effects of traditional Usui Reiki with the diffusion of certified organic essential oils to deliver effective results. Working with you to create your unique bespoke blend, AromaReiki will allow you to deeply relax, release tension and restore inner balance.


Treatment Prices


  • Clinical Essential Oil Therapy Initial Consultation ~ £50*
  • Clinical Essential Oil Therapy Follow-up Consultation ~ £35*
  • Holistic Massage Therapy 60 minutes ~ £50
  • Holistic Massage Therapy 90 minutes ~ £70
  • AromaReiki 60 minutes ~  £35
  • AromaReiki 90 minutes ~  £55

* Clinical Essential Oil Therapy bespoke treatments, i.e. blends, creams, lotions, self-massage oils etc. are priced individually depending on specific needs. Visit the website ~ link below, to find out more…

"Irene is fantastic! I visited for a holistic massage. Irene takes such amazing care and consideration in her work. She is thoughtful about what remedies will work for you and is calm and communicative throughout. Would highly recommend!" 


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