Sarah Nield Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is beneficial for many reasons – improved circulation and muscle tone, better sleep, recovery from exercise, stress reduction and much more.  Touch therapy has been appreciated across cultures for centuries and massage as part of a self-care routine can improve wellbeing whilst simply taking out time for ourselves can be incredibly beneficial.

Sarah is an experienced massage therapist providing deep tissue / therapeutic massage.  Expect a skilled massage at your preferred pressure, addressing all muscle groups with focus on any problem areas - but without the stronger techniques associated with sports massage.  Sarah’s background as a sports massage and soft tissue therapist enables her to work therapeutically whilst being aware of specific issues and treatment protocols, allowing her to refer you to our other therapists as required.

Sessions are sixty or ninety minutes and Sarah will discuss your requirements beforehand.  Options available are back, neck and shoulders, full body, legs etc – Sarah is happy to suggest what might work best in the time available.

Contact Sarah on 07775 586455

Sarah works on Mondays 8.30 – 2.00 and Wednesdays 2.30 – 6.30


    • 45 min £45
    • 60 min £55
    • 90 min £80