We are all very much creatures of habit. In fact, it has been estimated that 70% of what we do each day is habitual. We tend, for instance, to follow the same morning routine to start the day, we like to eat and drink things we are familiar with and enjoy, we follow similar exercise regimes and regularly use the same words or phrases in our conversations.

If you’re not sure about that, then observe your actions over the course of a week and you will be amazed at the amount of habitual repetition in your life. That’s a good thing if they are the right habits to shape your life the way you want it to be but not, of course, if they are the wrong habits and you know they’re not what you really want to be doing.

Take a look at the diagram below. You will see that our thoughts lead to actions; repeated actions create habits; habits have a big influence on our personality, which then leads to our destiny. Therefore, as the quote from the Buddha says, ‘What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.’

The pivotal step on that journey is habits. In my experience as a Life Coach working with literally thousands of different clients over many years, I have found that once I help people to create the right habits to shape their lives in the way they want, that is usually the ‘breakthrough’ moment from which they can move forward to create a happier, stronger life. Whether that be through building positive attributes such as self-confidence and motivation, developing a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition or stopping something we don’t want in our lives – like smoking or drinking alcohol. It all follows much the same pattern.

In creating the right habits for ourselves, we need to recognise that it’s our unconscious minds which manage habits and we therefore need to make it our ‘best friend’ rather than our ‘worst enemy’. Our unconscious mind will reinforce whatever habits we have previously created – be they good or bad. So, in effect, we often need to re-train, nurture and manage our unconscious on a regular daily basis so it can properly fulfil its primary role of serving and protecting us.

Easier said than done of course and, in reality, there are often a lot of moving parts with several challenges to be overcome. Nevertheless, with time, effort, perseverance and some help we can definitely achieve the outcomes we want. How do we do that you may well ask – simple, work with an experienced qualified Life Coach who will guide you along that pathway and empower you to create the destiny you really want.

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