Life Coach Brian Tregunna explains how to make sure important conversations go well.

Sometimes we begin important conversations with the best of intentions but for some reason things just don’t go well. One very simple and effective approach to help ensure we have good productive conversations is to use the ‘Communication Square’ to create an appropriate structure and process.

Make sure you are the right person having the conversation at the right time and in the right place, talking about the right subject in the right way.

Use the Communication Square as a quick aide- memoire to ask yourself …

Am I the right person to be having this conversation?

Is this the right time? Ie able to focus and concentrate.

Is this the right place?  ie private and safe

How can I make sure I include the right content? details, language, questions.

How do I make sure I contribute to this conversation in the right way? ie pace, tone, tempo, volume, body language.

Eye Contact: demonstrates interest, shows sincerity.

Body Language: matching body language improves the effectiveness of your message. Appropriate gestures help to add emphasis.

Voice: a level, modulated tone is usually convincing and acceptable.

Words: choosing your words carefully. Being accurate and precise to ensure your message is clear and easily understood.

Listen: either attentively or empathically, depending on the circumstance.

Timing: use your judgement to maximise receptivity and impact.

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