The Rule of 3

Life Coach Brian Tregunna explains how to simultaneously improve your time management and decision making.

When studying information and subsequently making a decision, focus on just 3 KEY POINTS. You don’t need to over-analyse or know everything about everything.

Identify the 3 most critical elements in any situation and base your decisions on those, rather than allowing yourself to become overloaded by too much information.

This will save yourself a lot of time and energy. In most situations, analysing all the details will still lead you to make the same decision as when focusing on just 3 key points.

Also, when presenting information to others, use the RULE of 3. People can only cope with a limited amount of information at any one time, so avoid the risk of causing confusion by focusing on those details that are most important. If they want to know more, your audience will ask for it.

Presenting 3 KEY POINTS often provides just the right amount of information to be convincing. Anything less can be too brief, anything more can be confusing.

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