by Melanie Allcott, Reflexologist at Rebalance Organic Reflexology

If you’re one of the many people currently getting over Covid, reflexology can play an important part in your recovery journey. I often treat people recovering from Covid and other illnesses or surgeries, as well as those with long term health conditions. Reflexology works by helping your body move from a state of stress and imbalance – which occurs when we have health challenges – to a state of ‘homeostasis’, where the systems of your body are nicely balanced and working well together.  

A key benefit of reflexology is that it provides deep rest, which puts your body and mind in a really good place to heal. Reflexology is also proven to aid sleep, which we know is a cornerstone of good health, and vital in healing the body when recovering from any illness. The one constant piece of feedback I receive from clients is that their reflexology treatments help them get a really good night’s sleep! Reflexology also gives the circulation in the feet and body a nice boost, which in turn promotes good lymphatic flow. A healthy lymphatic system enables your immune system to work better, and helps remove toxins from the body.
More than anything, I love providing reflexology treatments because they provide a safe space for you which is soothing, nurturing and reassuring. Supporting your mental and emotional wellbeing is a really important part of Covid recovery, especially if you’ve felt worried about having the virus, are still feeling fatigued, or are also struggling with anxiety as a result of the challenges of the last couple of years.
If you’d like to book a reflexology treatment or find out more about how this therapy can help you recover from Covid, please do contact me on 07495 977447, or by visiting