We’re very excited to soon be offering Sound Healing Sessions

(Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Sound Baths)

Ease your body into a healing state through the harmonious resonance of Sound waves

The energy field around your body is recognised as your Biofield and it interacts and communicates with the electric nature of your physical body. Many aspects of your physiology are determined by electricity; every ionic exchange of substances in and out of cells, all nerve conductions and neurological messaging, energy production, gut motility, the numerous functions of the brain to mention just a few, are all governed by electrical impulses. All energies are frequencies that travel in wave forms that can resonate harmoniously or discordantly. Sound and sound waves are wonderful mediators of frequency energy waves and through entrainment, sound waves can harmonize the energies within us bringing about many forms of transformative responses. Everything in life has a frequency, this is fundamental to the uniqueness of the life form as all of the universe is energy flowing in frequencies (Quantum science). The body has a whole orchestra of frequencies within and when they resonate harmoniously together, a state of ‘ease’ arises which enhances the state of health. From this abbreviated summary, the healing mechanisms associated with sound healing can be understood, from an actual session, the healing mechanisms can be experienced. Whether it is through vibro-acoustic or psycho-acoustic mechanisms or simply from the enhanced relaxation, it is difficult not to feel beneficial changes at play with a sound healing session!
‘I didn’t know what to expect from sound healing but each session leaves me feeling, lighter, brighter, more connected and grounded.’
It is possible to experience sound healing either on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group session and either way, the session is approximately an hour long. One to one sessions are bespoke to the individual and the sound baths are a group experience with both being beneficial.
Sound bath is £20 per session or £50 for a set of three:
One to one sound healing session is £45 or a set of three (recommended) is £100
If you have any queries or if you would like to book a session, please feel free to call Helen on 07927 143634