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5 Well-being tips for staying well this Christmas and New Year

It’s a busy time of year but taking time to add a few simple, mindful changes can help you stay well this season…

1. Stay well hydrated – we tend to drink more alcohol, eat more rich food and over eat during the holiday. Reduce bloating, headaches, sluggish energy levels and poor digestion by making sure you being mindful about hydration throughout the day. Start morning with hot water and lemon to stimulate liver and digestion. Try making your own herbal tea – slices of fresh ginger, lemon and honey. Add fennel seeds or mint leaves to a cup of hot water. Other option include green smoothies (homemade), veg juices and coconut water with chia seeds.

2. Increase Vegetable intake – avoid overeating rich foods by keeping your vegetable intake high. This will provide your body with good nutrition and plenty of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, leaving you full, satisfied and reducing sweet cravings. Simple ideas include:
Have a green smoothie or juice for breakfast
Mash Avocado and spinach on toast 
Warming sweet potato, kale and red lentil soup for lunch
Roast a tray of vegetables to add to meals  
Slice up pepper, carrot, celery to dip into houmous. 
Serve up lots of colourful vegetables with meals. 
Make a mixed vegetable mash with parsnips, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin. 
Stir-fry with lots of colourful vegetables

3. Save Time – Plan your week ahead to include quick, easy meals – ie. Simple vegetable stir-frys. Try online grocery shopping to save time. While you are cooking one meal, cut up some extra vegetables and make a soup at the same time. Use a slow cooker if you have one.  Make more than you need and then freeze portions for the evening’s you are too busy to cook. Get friends and family involved so everyone is helping out with household tasks.

4.  Take time out for yourself– this is really important to recharge and nourish. Take 5 – 10 mins each day (longer if possible) to follow a guided meditation, stretch, be still, have a bath, read a book with a herbal tea etc. 

5. Stay Active – lots of fresh air, stretching and activity. Get friends/family involved with winter walks, bike rides or a yoga class. Helping to boost energy levels, balance blood sugar levels and keeping your immune system fighting fit! This will also give your head some space and fresh air!