Stories from clinic

I decided to try acupuncture when I was failing to have health issues resolved through medication. My symptoms included hair loss, my periods stopping, chronic fatigue, circulation issues, and difficulty concentrating and retaining information. My GP was investigating thyroid issues and associated symptoms, whereas Jill took a holistic approach, and considered my full medical and emotional history, diet, sleep, time spent outside in nature – the full picture.
I was a little sceptical as it was an approach I knew little about, but Jill immediately put me at ease. The results were transformative. Within two treatments, symptoms I had been struggling with for months on end were eased, and in a matter of weeks, alleviated altogether.
I had thought that if successful, the treatment would relieve the symptoms that I was experiencing; I had not anticipated that the journey I went on would reframe my entire understanding of wellness. With Jill’s guidance, I have a much clearer understanding of the interplay between my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and now see acupuncture as playing a vital role in maintaining balance.
The process of completely reassessing how I conceive of health has been a fascinating experience, that has been collaborative and empowering: I always feel heard and understood. The treatments are painless, relaxing, and have been genuinely life changing for me. I now feel energised, and in control of my wellbeing. I can’t recommend Jill’s treatments enough and can’t imagine a time when acupuncture won’t be a part of my life now.
Thanks so much for everything you do for me. It really, really has been life changing.