It’s Aromatherapy Awareness Week and it feels like perfect timing to write about my practice. The earth is alive with an extraordinary botanical treasury of aromatic plants which provide a beautiful natural pharmacy of essential oils and hydrosols. Some native and some grown on far-flung shores but all offering the ancient wisdom of great civilizations, long-established by traditional therapeutic physicians and healers who used these plants.

I use the term ‘clinical essential oil therapy’ in preference to the more common word ‘aromatherapy’ to accurately describe this distinct health treatment system involving the

use of essential oils. The term ‘aromatherapy’ presents two main issues – firstly inferring that the practise relies solely on the inhalation of aromatic oils and secondly, over time, the word has been used to describe essential oil use simply for beauty, pleasure and commercial purposes. I feel it is appropriate to define the profound therapeutic system of essential oil use in terms that are accurate and meaningful.


Clinical essential oil therapy offers effective treatment for a broad range of both acute and chronic physical, mental and emotional conditions and their symptoms, by tailoring synergistic blends of oils to specific client needs in a variety of applications. These can be in the form of a cream, ointment, lotion, massage oil, hydrosol spritz, skin scrub, direct inhalation, topical, pulse point, bath or ambient diffusion blend and more…

Essential oils can enter the body through by three pathways:

  1. Through inhalation and sense of smell referred to as ‘olfaction’
  2. Dermally through application to the skin through the epidermis
  3. Via the lungs through the respiratory system

Inhaling the fragrances of the oil and placing them directly on the body can be transformative for people who seek healing for physical imbalances physical and emotional and imbalances with conditions and symptoms such as:

  • Skin issues, eczema, psoriasis & acne
  • Joint & muscle pain
  • PMS, peri-menopause & menopause symptoms
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbance
  • Anxiety, stress & low mood
  • Circulatory & lymphatic issues
  • Baby skin care, sleep and relaxation


And many more…

As a fully qualified Clinical Essential Oil Therapist and member of the International Federation of Professional aromatherapists, I offer bespoke personal consultations and expertly blended aromatherapeutic treatments to support and alleviate symptoms, creating immediate and lasting effects. My practise is committed to the care of locating and only using certified organic and wild crafted oils of the highest botanical quality that are produced sustainably and authentically by small scale producers. Also being committed to client safe-care, a detailed and thorough consultation process ensures that all treatments are safe to use alongside with any current medical protocols and medications, working in tandem with your healthcare provider. Follow-up consultations allow for ongoing support where required as well as remaining in step with any adaptions to the essential oil application as your treatment evolves.

Amid the plethora of artificial synthetic chemicals in which we find ourselves immersed, the natural healing power of plants through the remarkable array of their essential oils present a viable therapeutic alternative. With growing scientific recognition affirming their potential as a contemporary and safe method for symptom relief and healing.

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