From the desk of Acupuncturist Jill McGovan

I was cleaning up my old laptop and came upon this essay that I wrote for a long forgotten reason. I thought I would share it today to remind us all how Health and Well-being are more than taking medicine as prescribed or eating your 5-a-day.
Allow me to share….

Exuberant physicality, a clear calm mind and a loving peaceful spirit are the benefits of regular health care. Health is a garden, something which needs consistent tending in order to thrive. If neglected gardens wilt, dry up, become stifled with weeds and can’t survive. If we tend to our health with habits such as eating well, sleeping well, managing stress, exercising and of course laughing, loving and belonging to a community, then we flourish. Admittedly, I’ve been a good gardener and a bad gardener.

I used to live in New York City and like all NYers I burnt the candle at both ends. Going, going, going, ignoring all discomforts and plowing through each day’s activities. Eventually, my asthma was no longer a petty annoyance- it took over my life. I tried many healing modalities, diets, breathing exercises, and meditation practices. I read about health, I explored spirituality and energy. I was insatiable for knowledge, game to try anything. I was searching for the one elusive key to unlock my breathing problems, release me from my struggle and and let me get back to my normal life. My breathing bounced along, getting better, getting worse. I accumulated lots of info and quite a bit of experience. Eventually, I began to think about health problems and healing differently. Health problems are created due to a combination of events, propensities, lifestyle, habits and exposure to any number of toxins and pathogens. Therefore they are solved with a combination of healing modalities and lifestyle changes. I realised that healing isn’t always returning to to what was before but requires a transformation of how we live our lives. I realised we are not just physical beings. We are energetic creatures too, emotional and complicated. We need to address all aspects of our selves in order to thrive. Health care is like tending to the garden that is your self. Hearty physicality is like nutrient rich soil; a relaxed mind is like a well weeded field; gorgeous flowers and robust foods are like a contented loving spirit and easy even energy. We must tend to all parts of the garden. Everyday, a little weeding, a little watering, some sunshine and a dose of love. This is how a little patch of dirt flourishes into a gorgeous life giving garden and we become exuberant vital human beings, glad to be alive.

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