Green Oasis Acupuncture 

Stories from the clinic

I’ve recently treated two clients who have very different complaints. The similarity between them is a profound feeling of being stuck, sort of trapped in their discomfort. After their first acupuncture treatments, both reported a sense of movement and motivation to implement changes that they had been ignoring or avoiding. 
The first client, female, age 33 has a history of thyroiditis and chronic fatigue. She recently moved to Cornwall and hasn’t been here long enough to establish a social life or network. She complained of deep fatigue, insomnia and low immunity, catching everyone’s cold and flu. She is unable to exercise and fears her chronic fatigue is returning. She misses her friends and social life but is too tired to socialise and start filling out that part of her life here.  Her digestion is off and she often feels bloated and uncomfortable. She described her frustration at not having the energy or desire to take action. We talked about her diet and I recommended some changes. I diagnosed a deficiency in Earth,  stagnation in Wood and low Fire and choose the appropriate points for treatment. When she came back for a follow-up treatment she was visibly more energetic. She felt motivated to do the work and was able to make some changes in her diet. She slept! She slept well and felt rested and clearer. Her bloating improved and her bowels moved a bit better. She and her partner have begun to declutter and decorate their home and that feels really good!  The acupuncture removed some blocks to allow Qi (energy) to flow and nourish her Earth, move her Wood and we are building the fire, the healing has begun. 
The second client, age 28 also female. Her complaint is not having her period for 10 years which is related to the amount of exercise she does and the control she exerts on her diet. She wants to make lifestyle changes to reinvigorate her menstrual cycle but is finding it very stressful and difficult. She has a hard time relaxing and turning off her mental commentary. It’s hard to fall sleep which then can be disturbed by vivid dreaming. She is often constipated. She feels anxious and stressed out. My diagnosis is Yin deficiency, separation between Fire and Water and stagnant Wood.  After her first treatment, she texted to say, “I just want to thank you for the today. I came away from the treatment feeling instantly lighter and have enjoyed my day without the head-noise!” When I saw her the following week, she reported improved sleep, better bowel movements and an increased ease in moving away from her habitual high energy over-exercise.  She was able to enjoy calmer activities and is exploring new hobbies. She doesn’t feel as overwhelmed by the changes she needs to make in order to establish balance in her life so that her periods come back.  
Both ladies continue treatment to build on the changes they experienced right away. Healing isn’t always a straight path but if you are moving along it- you will get there!  Acupuncture is a mind body and spirit medicine and all three components are usually involved in any complaint. One of the strengths of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is its ability to gently nudge and move energy so that all of our beautiful complexities are addressed simply. 
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