I am very excited to announce that from 13th April I will be offering Hot Stone Therapy treatments at Wellness Hub, Falmouth.

This is a luxurious advanced therapeutic treatment that uses the application of hot volcanic basalt stones to relax and ease muscle pain and tension and promote relaxation.

What is Hot Stone?

The use of hot stones for the purpose of health and wellbeing is an age-old therapy that dates back around 2000 years. Hot stone incorporates the use of thermotherapy. This is a technique that involves the application of hot and cold temperatures to the body. Practices of this kind have been documented from as early as the 18th century. Thermotherapy involves the heating of skin and soft tissues for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the area (vasodilation), improving circulation and fluid dynamics thus speeding up healing and recovery.

Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy include:

-Alleviates muscle tension and pain

-Reduces stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation

-Improves sleep

-Boosts immune system

-Increased joint flexibility

Effects of Hot Stone Therapy

-Creates vasodilation of blood vessels, improving blood circulation and speeding up the recovery process.

-Stimulates lymphatic system assisting in detoxification of the body.

-Has a cleansing effect and aids elimination of waste.

What to expect from the treatment:

During a Hot Stone Massage Treatment, volcanic basalt stones (heated in water) are placed on specific areas of the body such as along the spine, the stomach and in between the toes. The therapist will then hold the stones as they perform traditional Swedish massage techniques to the body. The heat from the stones will work deep into the muscles to alleviate stress and tension and promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

The therapist will be continually monitoring the temperature of the stones to make sure that it is comfortable for the client throughout the treatment, but client feedback is important.

Initial treatments include a thorough consultation (a phone call may be required to discuss whether the treatment is right for you) followed by either a 90 minute full body (£70) or 60 minute (£50) upper body Swedish massage.

Introductory offer will include a 20% discount off 1st treatments until May 31st 2022. All subsequent appointments will be full price. Regular clients (monthly treatments) will receive a 10% discount off all ongoing treatments.

So if you are keen to try a new treatment or you are a seasoned client, book yourself in for an appointment through our website or contact me directly on 07584908720.