Introducing Hannah to The Hub

I predominantly work as a structural osteopath, focusing on the area of pain or dysfunction and work out why the area is problematic. This may be due to an old injury, a recent accident, postural adaptations or strains at work. Treatment aims to resolve these issues and any associated areas that might maintain the pain or discomfort.

Manual techniques involves soft and deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, manipulations, articulation, traction, dry needling, strapping, anything appropriate for the particular complaint and the individual. The dialogue between patient and practitioner is very important and confidential and this helps to develop the treatment plan this can include exercises, relaxation or breathing techniques along with general advice for the presentation.

I have worked in two busy clinics since graduating working with teenagers to the elderly, and a variety of complaints from the very acute issues to long term problems.


  • Bachelor of Osteopathy with honours
  • Dry needling
  • Lumbar pelvis and sacrum advanced training

I personally love to do many things! I have studied Fine Art and have played guitar, for many years. I love cooking and worked for many years in London as a cook. I find osteopathy can have rewarding results for patients and I really enjoy helping people to understand and overcome any aches and pains.

Hannah will be at The Hub on Friday afternoons and evenings offering the following:

  • New Patient Consultation – 1 hour £55
  • Follow-up – 45 mins £45
  • Deep Tissue Massage – 45 mins £55

Book  HERE or contact her directly on 07979 250306  or