Pregnancy – The importance of touch


 We are all immersed in a world of digital technology and remote communication. Has the action of touch suffered?

There have been many studies looking at the importance of human touch to healthy brain development.

Most have shown that slow stroking or a gentle touch can have profound effect on the brain’s ability to connect with the body and develop a healthy awareness of ‘self.’

It is also human instinct, when something hurts to give it a rub!

I know that there is more emphasis on ‘skin to skin’ contact in hospitals, especially with premature babies. The parent and baby exchange their senses and the baby calms, breathing becomes natural and rhythmic, body temperature is maintained naturally, there is positive effects to breastfeeding, baby is less likely to cry, it reduces the baby’s stress hormone – cortisol and increases the happy hormone – oxytocin.   This bonding can help with post-natal depression and can be an activity for Dads too, increasing their bonding.

Building that all-important bond starts in the womb and at around week 13, babies start to respond to touch.

Some benefits of sharing and receiving touch

  • Helps build trust and shows security
  • Connections and bonding will develop
  • Provides a thriving environment
  • Enables stable growth and development
  • Emotional support
  • Physical benefits can develop due to lowering of heart rate and blood pressure and increasing ‘feel good’ hormones that can decrease illnesses and increase the body’s ability to fight infections and disease
  • Decreases anxiety, temper and depression



How can massage and reflexology help me through my pregnancy and assist in childbirth?

Pregnancy Massage

 Massage through your pregnancy (after the 1st trimester) can have enormous benefits, not only to you, but also your unborn baby.

Your body is going through huge changes, both physically and emotionally. Massages help to support you through these changes and will prepare your body for childbirth. Massage can make you more aware of your body and could help ease your birth, relieving pain and reducing duration.

Some benefits of Pregnancy Massage


  • Increased circulati
  • Helps with Lymph drainage
  • Aids with digestive issues including constipation
  • Helps with muscular aches and pains
  • Can reduce the development of stretch marks
  • Promotes relaxation and helps with stress
  • Can balance hormones
  • Pain relief
  • Bonding with baby


Pregnancy Reflexology

In an ideal world having your body in its optimum condition prior to pregnancy would be best. Having regular reflexology treatments will energise the body and will balance the hormonal system.

Reflexology can be given before pregnancy, during pregnancy, during birth and post natal. It can increase your health and wellbeing and provide a nurturing environment for your baby.

It is great for addressing any health issues that occur at different times throughout your pregnancy i.e. sleep, headaches, morning sickness, tiredness or anxiety.

It can also reduce pain and the length of labour.

Some benefits of Maternity Reflexology

  • Can help stop any potential problems from developing
  • Helps with muscular aches and pains
  • Helps with Lymph drainage
  • Morning sickness
  • Sleep
  • Aids with digestive issues including constipation
  • Good for your unborn baby – bonding and health
  • Preparation for labour
  • Promotes relaxation and helps with stress


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