In these challenging times where physical human contact and connection are either decreased or for some non-existent, video sessions such as Skype, Zoom and VSee can be invaluable. For some, the thought of relating through this medium can seem unrealistic, but through my experience of working with clients as well as continuing with my own personal therapy and supervision this way, I have come to realise that not only can the work remain meaningful, but that for some clients the perceived distance that the screen offers, can be helpful.

The reality of ‘not actually’ being in the same room as the therapist and being in the comfort of one’s own familiar space, can offer some a sense of security that allows the client to explore aspects of their experience on an even deeper level.

The horror of what is happening across the world currently can elicit powerful and disturbing feelings and thoughts in many of us.  Historic traumatic experiences of loss, separation and pain that we thought we had ‘dealt with’ can be re-triggered. Existential issues can arise; our own mortality, and the fear of losing loved ones, the meaning of things for example, can be exacerbated at these times, not to mention practical and very real worries about financial security…

If you are aware of a decline in your mental health or are simply feeling lonely and in need of connecting with someone who has the skills and desire to listen, to understand and explore your experiences with you in a non-judging, confidential and empathic way, please pick up the phone or drop me an email.

I am a Psychotherapist with over 15 years’ experience of working with individuals and groups and can discuss the different ways of connecting securely over the coming months. Please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat to see how therapy might be a significant support to you right now.

Much love