What is Reflexology?

“Reflexology is a wonderful, safe and natural therapy. When you practice it with respect, it can bring balance and harmony to your whole body, and uplift and inspire you” Sonia Ducie

So what is Reflexology?


It is a system devised to help your body to heal itself. It works with the ‘whole’, working on the body, mind and spirit as one, not just focusing on your symptom

A reflexologist is not a healer nor will they diagnose. The reflexologist is the merely a facilitator to enable your body to rebalance so it can nurture and repair itself.



The theory?

We have reflex points mapped on our feet and hands (face and ears are also used) that correspond to every organ and body system. i.e toe reflexes relate to head. When you feel ill or stressed the reflex points that relate to an organ or system can be affected.

These ‘reflexes’ become blocked with toxins, or crystal deposits, under the skin. As a reflexologist I work with these areas, releasing the toxins, stimulating the reflex and enabling the blockages to release. This allows your body to rebalance and harmonise.


How does Reflexology differ from a regular foot massage you may ask!

It is down to the training of the reflexologist in specialised techniques, knowledge of anatomy, physiology and other disciplines. These include specific movements such as thumb walking; which alternates between a brief pressure and a brief relaxation on the skin without breaking contact. This helps the reflexologist to discover blockages in the reflexes. Other movements used in reflexology are circles, pressures and hooking. These help with breaking up underlying crystals stimulating the reflexes allowing the body’s natural healing to start.

What if I am having treatment from a GP?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that can be used alongside other health practices and will not interfere with any treatments you are receiving. It will support you and your body through any orthodox treatments.

How often should I have Reflexology?

Treatments are usually given at weekly sessions, but depending on the severity of the clients needs, could be given more often to begin with. It can take weeks for any profound results to show although some clients feel immediate relaxation and ease. You will know when you need Reflexology again!

It is World Reflexology Week – 24th – 30th September 2018

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