Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology

Pregnancy massage can benefit both mother and baby through gentle relaxing techniques designed to support your body physiologically, mentally and physically throughout your pregnancy and in preparation for birth.  

Pregnancy is a time of joy and exciting anticipation. It can however also be a stressful time and massage and reflexology can alleviate some of this stress and prepare you and your body for birth. 

The Massage Treatments

Initial consultation taking about 10-15 minutes followed by massage.

Movements will vary according to your needs, and we will make sure you are in a comfortable, supported position that is safe for both you and your baby. The treatment ends with a relaxing face and head massage.

Pregnancy massage is available with Jan and Becca

PLEASE NOTE: I would appreciate that you discuss your wish to have Pregnancy massage with your Health Practitioner or Midwife.
If they would like to discuss the treatment with me feel free to share my number.

Maternity Reflexology

If massage isn’t for you perhaps maternity reflexology would appeal. Similarly to massage, reflexology promotes emotional and physical wellbeing.

Research carried out on maternity reflexology shows that regular treatments during pregnancy can shorten the duration of labour and reduce the need for pain relief.

There are specific reflex points in your feet which relate to your body systems and organs, taking some time to focus on your busy life to focus on yourself and your growing baby is very nourishing and healing.

Pregnancy Massage Therapists

Jan Curnow Reflexology, Holistic Massage Therapist

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