Hannah Gledhill Osteopath

Hannah predominantly works as a Structural Osteopath.

This form of therapy focuses on areas of pain or dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system and any associated areas. We focus on joint, muscle and tissue health as well as range of movement and strength. Discomfort and pain might appear after an injury, accident, postural changes, work-related strains, or even a chronic illness.

Treatment aims to resolve these issues and any associated pain or discomfort. Manual techniques involve: soft and deep tissue massage, stretching, manipulations, articulation, traction, dry needling, stretching and strapping.

We will work together to develop a personalised treatment plan for you, this can include prescribed exercise, stretching, relaxation or breathing techniques.

All patient/practitioner dialogue is confidential.

1-to-1 Dynamic-Assisted Stretching

It works by warming-up and lengthening your muscles and increasing blood flow to contracted tissue by a series of fluid movements aided by the practitioner. This can help muscles recover quicker after exercise or just help towards achieving your flexibility and mobility goals. Stretching is a safe and effective treatment suitable for all-ages and body types; from the super active to the super stiff! Loose-fitting clothing should be worn to the session


  • Bachelor of Osteopathy with honours
  • Dry needling
  • Lumbar pelvis and sacrum advanced training

I personally love to do many things! I have studied Fine Art and have played guitar, for many years. I love cooking and worked for many years in London as a cook. I find osteopathy can have rewarding results for patients and I really enjoy helping people to understand and overcome any aches and pains.

Hannah will be at The Hub on Friday afternoons and evenings offering the following:

  • New Patient Osteopathic Consultation - 1 hour £60
  • Follow-up Osteopathic Consultation- 45 mins £50
  • Deep Tissue Massage - 45 mins £60
  • Dynamic assisted stretching - 50mins £65

Book with Hannah

+07979 250306