Helen Morton Osteopath

As a naturopathic osteopath, I love finding natural solutions for an individual to bring them into improved health and well being. I have 27 years of experience of using hands on approaches for a range of conditions from children to people in their 90’s This has also always included working with people in full time sports and dance training as well as working more specifically with chronic fatigue / ME

I love working with biomechanics and exercise prescriptions as well as using soft / deep massage, joint manipulations and cranial osteopathy to help with posture and improved functional performance. I have a large range of hands on techniques to draw from and like to focus on getting the right approach for the individual. Wherever possible, I give the individual self-care advice to help improve their progress and to empower them into further well-being.

As a naturopathic osteopath, I consider each person a unique individual. The treatment plan is bespoke for each person, drawing from all fields of my work where required.

As well as using the naturopathic and osteopathic skills learnt during my training at British College of Osteopathic Medicine and drawing from my training as a dancer and teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance (Please see qualifications below) I also use The Perrin technique ™ which includes lymphatic drainage and Escencia relaxation ® technique to help the body ease into relaxation. Focussed relaxation helps you find your ‘inner quiet’ which I believe is nourishing and restorative for the body.

‘Only through the heart you can you touch the sky’ Rumi

I like to feel that this full background of bodywork experience gives me a comprehensive platform to assist an individual with their physical health and embodiment.

Sessions are between 45 mins – 1 hour and cost £45 - £60

If you would like any further information, please see my website www.helenmorton.co.uk or call on 07927 143634 where I will be happy to discuss any further queries you may have.

My qualifications include:

Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Osteopathic [Medicine BSc (Hons) Ost.Med.] Diploma of Osteopathy [DO.] Diploma of Naturopathy [ND] Licentiate of the Royal academy of Dance [LRAD.]

My previous experience includes:

Practising Registered Osteopath (1996-2018) Registered RAD Dance Teacher (1989-2018) School physical therapist London Contemporary Dance School (1992-2004) Medical Advisory Committee member for Dance UK (1999-2004) Private Practise treating dancers in numerous West End shows / Dance Companies (1996-2004) Perrin Practitioner for treating CFS/ME (2009-2024) Medical / Beach Volleyball at the London 2012 Olympics NHS referrals for neck and back pain at Falmouth Osteopathic Clinic (2013-2018)

Falmouth Active Health (2019-2024)
The Wellness Hub (2021-2024)

My current memberships include:

General Osteopathic Council Institute of Osteopathy

College of Sound Healing

Royal Academy of Dance One Dance Academy of Physical Medicine


+07927 143634