Peter Holmes Audiologist

I graduated in Audiology in 2013, then completed my Masters in Mental Health Science in 2019, with a strong focus on types of dementia and their relationship to hearing, alongside my ongoing research into childhood mental health, the auditory pathway and the potential for earlier and more accurate diagnoses of childhood mental health conditions.

In addition to the local services provided by Headland Hearing, I also work as an Audiologist for one of the UK’s largest providers of NHS and private hearing care. I examine ears, test hearing and advise on tinnitus and balance issues on a daily basis. Part of my role includes liaising with the NHS clinical commissioning group to ensure that the high standard of NHS hearing provision is increasingly accessible, while helping to better target valuable hospital resources.

In a past life, I was a successful event and West End sound engineer, having worked in locations around the world and extensively throughout Europe.

I offer ear wax microsuction, which is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ method of safe and hygienic removal of problematic, bothersome ear wax and, importantly, offers the experienced clinician a highly magnified view of all important landmarks and structures, as the wax is carefully removed from the canal. Other methods lack this clinical refinement and attention to detail and are not without the risks of serious infections and injury. Clients can also rest assured that any onward referrals will be backed by full audiometric testing and high-definition photographs, as required.

An initial tinnitus appointment will include a full audiological assessment and clinical history, which is important to rule out any objective causes and to establish the hearing status of the individual. Although there are many plausible theories, the actual cause of most tinnitus remains unknown. An ‘individual’ approach is key, as a combination of therapies currently provides the strongest evidence for relief, however small and gradual the steps towards this might be. Management strategies can call on other clinicians and therapists from within the wellness hub family and offer a truly holistic approach.

£15 for ear examination, plus £20 per ear for wax removal (allow 50 minutes).

Initial tinnitus appointments at £45 for an hour.

Home visits within the Lizard area.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

MSc. Mental Health Science, BSc (Hons) Audiology, Cert. Health Science RCCP, HCPC, RHAD  

+07359 265511