An Effective Therapeutic Combination

Essential oil massage therapy is a gentle powerful treatment that works on supporting all the body systems as well as the mind.

The definition of massage is the action of the body being manipulated mostly by the hands to create a positive effect within the body and mind ancient practice utilised by civilisations in China, India, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Rome and Greece with the earliest recorded reference appearing in a Chinese medical text written before 2500 BC.

The Greek ‘father of medicine’, Hippocrates describes the effects of 300 plants, perfumed ‘fumigations and fermentations, with one blend called ‘Megaleion’ after its creator Megallus made from myrrh, cinnamon and cassia and in his holistic philosophy which used the body as a whole advocated the benefits of regular massage stating, “A perfumed bath and a scented massage every day is the way to good health.”

Holistic essential oil massage utilises traditional Swedish massage movements such as deep and light ‘effleurage’ or stroking to tone the involuntary muscles of the arterial walls. Muscle tissue benefits from this increased blood flow whilst lactic acid and other by-products of muscle activity are released and distributed for removal as a waste product.

Alongside muscles relaxing and being oxygenated by the increased and improved blood flow, the lymphatic system is also drained and flow restored around the body, further increasing the removal of waste products from tissue and encouraging fresh oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the cells.

Using appropriate blends of highest-quality Essential Oils diluted in, again, a highest-quality carrier oil, in combination with the supportive and restorative effects of therapeutic touch, the balancing of all the bodies systems, known as ‘homeostasis’, is achieved.

In this dual-action therapeutic process, the beneficial chemical compounds of the essential oils are absorbed into the body and bloodstream in three ways. 1. Dermally via the skin, 2. through the respiratory system via the lungs and 3. to the brain’s limbic system via the olfactory tract in the nose. The limbic system is the part of the brain which controls emotions, mood and memories this is why the sense smell is such a potent sense triggering memory and feelings.

Essential oil blends can be created according to the needs and requirements of the client they can be stimulating and invigorating, uplifting and balancing or calming and relaxing and providing that the quality of the oils used is of the highest grade and effective treatment is guaranteed. Using organic certificated oils ensures that the oil has not been adulteration, diluted or contaminated during its, therefore the full bioavailability of its beneficial properties is certain.

Whatever the need, be it deep relaxation, release from muscular pain and tension to uplifting stimulation, essential oil massage therapy can provide the solution.

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