Helen Tanner Creative Psychotherapist & Healer

How are you?

Are you weary of feeling in pain, anxious, and unworthy of love – weighed down by your armour of protection?

Maybe you are yearning to feel more at peace, more connected, and inspired once again by life?

If so, maybe it’s time to begin your healing journey.

With so many therapies available it can be difficult to know which one is best for you.

Let me introduce you to Creative Psychotherapy – it may be just what you are needing to get you on the right healing track for real and lasting transformation.

What is Creative Psychotherapy?

Creative Psychotherapy is the intentional use of creative and activity-based methods for the purpose of therapy and healing of the soul.

The language of the soul is in images, and so, sometimes when we have something that we haven’t been able to process, or a pattern that keeps repeating, talking about it doesn’t always transform it in the way that we would like.

When we use natural objects, picture cards, simple art and written exercises, and connect to the body, walk in nature, and do simple ceremonies, we can access wisdom and insight which is so helpful in the therapy process.

I work very intuitively, have been a qualified practitioner for over 20 years, and have a huge toolbox of practices that can be of help in transforming old patterns.

You don’t need to be an artist or creative to enjoy this process. All activities are simple and perfect for beginners.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain insight, clarity & a new perspective
  • Feel empowered and find inner strength and confidence
  • Release old stuck patterns and painful that are holding you back
  • Re-light your inner flame and re-discover joy
  • Strengthen your spiritual connection and learn how to receive the light of compassion into your life

About Helen

Hi, I’m Helen . I have been a qualified Creative Psychotherapist since 2001 and I  am a registered practitioner with the Health and Care Professions Council.

I became interested in wellbeing following the sudden death of my father.  Following a period of overwhelming grief, I had a kind of spiritual awakening, triggered by my emotional pain. These experiences ignited a curiosity and passion for healing that still burns brightly. For my own healing journey it was important to me that it be one that was both creative and spiritual.

I now have twenty-two years of qualified experience – working with adults and young people in the area of addiction, mental health, and internationally with communities recovering from conflict.

I have a vast toolbox gained from continual professional development, and with you, we will journey together weaving creativity, nature, meditation, structured exercises, the sacred, ceremony, healing, psychotherapy, and forgiveness together with a good dose of gentleness, humour and self-compassion.

I am so moved by the profound shifts that happen when someone chooses to transform their life, and I am honoured to offer this to you.

What happens during a Creative Psychotherapy session?


During the 90 minute introductory session, we will chat about what is happening for you in your life, and what you would most like to transform, change and improve, and what may be getting in the way. It is an opportunity for us both to get a sense if we are a good fit to work together. If we are, I will invite you to undertake a series of seven sessions (my minimum commitment).

There is no typical creative psychotherapy session, as each session is unique, and you may need different tools to help you at different times. However, we will often follow a similar structure:

  1. Begin with a blessing and set the intention for the session.
  2. Checking in on the previous week/s, and anything that has been coming up.

Sometimes, you may just need to talk in your session, in which case this sharing can  take the whole session. However, often there is time beyond the ‘check-in/ initial exploration’ to undertake another activity to help you to gain insight and awareness.

  1. Awareness & processing activity, which could be using objects, art, an activity in nature, guided visualisation, a structured written exercise, or a psycho-education tool.

I also draw on my training as a Reiki Healer, a qualified Life Coach, qualified Conflict Coach, and qualified NLP practitioner in these sessions.


What is like to work with Helen?

‘It has been very refreshing working with Helen for the past few months. When I came looking for support after a relationship ending, I was drawn to her spiritual approach. I found it easy to trust her, and Ive learnt new creative ways of looking at life. My life is much more drama-free as I’m choosing peace, and feel lighter in myself. As well as the sessions together, Helen created a ‘releasing ceremony’ for me at an ancient hill, where I felt able to let go. Helen has thoroughly helped me through my healing journey, and I really can’t recommend her enough.”  Eva


Where can I find out more?

You can find out more information about Helen, the services she offers and more testimonials at www.helentanner.com


How do I  book an introductory session? :

Helen is available at The Wellness Hub in Falmouth on Wednesdays from 2.30-7.30 p.m.

A 90 minute introductory session is £55 and be booked:

  1. Directly online at https://helentanner.com/psychotherapy/
  2. By phone on 07768968189
  3. By email: Helen @ com