Health M.O.T.

Do you think it might be time to find out why you are not ‘firing on all 4 cylinders’?  It is easy to let our busy lives continue to suck all of our energy out of us and not realise that we are not able to replenish the energy sufficiently.

So what is happening?  Is your health slipping?
With the busy lives we lead, it is often difficult to make the time to understand what is changing and what we need to do ourselves to optimise our health.

Often we leave things until they are much worse than they need be.  Do you know that 90% of people who suffer with back pain also have other health issues and worries?  Do you know that many signals from your body are ignored or covered over with pain killers?

Are you sleeping well?
One of the first signals of your health deteriorating is to notice your sleep patterns.  Is it easy for you to get to sleep? Do you wake in the night? Does your mind become active when you are in bed making it impossible to sleep or do you sleep well but awake feeling tired and unrefreshed?

Are you eating well?
Food should be the correct fuel your body needs in order to perform well.  Are you feeding your body the correct, high quality food components that your body requires or do you find you need stimulants or carbs to see you through the day?  Shopping for food today, it is easy to think you are buying the correct foods for your body, when actually small changes to your shopping habits can make a whole host of difference to your performance and concentration levels. 

How do you react to situations?
The way you react to stress and trauma is often learnt at a young age.  Sometimes it will be necessary to consider practicing mind exercises to help develop new habits, different reactions and make different choices.  Mind exercises are easy to learn, easy to incorporate into your daily life and easy to begin changing the direction in which you are heading.  Habits take six to eight weeks to change into an automatic reaction, so all you need is someone to help and guide you to encourage you along the way.

A health M.O.T. is the opportunity to STOP, TO LISTEN and to UNDERSTAND what our body is trying to tell us and what we must do to halt a downward spiral in health.

At the consultation, we will ask you about your general health, any symptoms you are experiencing, your diet and exercise regime, your lifestyle, your communication and relationship dynamics and anything else you feel contributes to your health and wellbeing.

Together we will discuss any improvements that can be made and the consequence of those changes, we will look if there are particular physical or emotional (mind) exercises that you might be able to practice at home to improve your wellbeing.   We will discuss where you would like to be in your health journey and we will formulate a plan to get there.

Because we are all individual and completely unique there is no magic pill that will automatically change things for us.  The solution for you is different to the solution for the next person so your individual schedule will be personalised for you and your life.

This one hour consultation can be booked at Inspiring Health now.  During the consultation you will work together to form a personalised plan of action to help you optimise your health.  The health M.O.T. is £50

Book a Health M.O.T. now by calling Mary on 01326 212112.